Treadle troubleshooting

We had to take the flywheel off of our press to get it through a door, and we did not make match marks on the gears. Now that we have a treadle on it, I think the “timing” is off. Depending on where the press is in it’s cycle, it’s either very hard, or very easy to press down on the treadle.

Could someone with a smooth running machine relate where the treadle is to where the press should be. For example, “the treadle is at it’s lowest point when the press is ___”.

I’m hoping that the treadle at top or bottom of travel will relate to something easy to describe on the press, like top of the ink disk, or making impression.

Thanks in advance.

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If the press does not have a counterweight, there is no right or wrong position for the flywheel. If there is a counterweight (enlarged casting at the edge of the flywheel at a particular position) then the counterweight should be in its downward travel as the press comes on impression.

The same goes for the treadle, even without a counterweight, the foot should be applying pressure in a downward direction when the press goes on impression.

John Henry

Your treadle should be at it’s lowest point when the press is completely open, which means the shaft should be at it’s lowest point as well.