Miehle V-50… Need help dating mine!

I’m trying to date my recently “saved from the scrap heap” Miehle V-50. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Serial # V-14061

image: photo(11).JPG


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Aw, by the name of the thread I thought you needed dating advice.
“I spend too much time at my press but there’s this girl…”

…flowers are always nice.

Amazing, but Jack Beall Vertical Service seems still to be in business:
A websearch shows other very confused listings for the name, which aren’t clear whether the business sells inkjet or automotive supplies. Or maybe they do sell these things in order to support one of the last letterpress support businesses.

If you want i’ll double date with my kluge.

PaleoPress, Pre war models have vein air pumps and the post war models had diaphram air pumps. The war would be “the big one”(WW2). You also would be advised to go
“dutch” on your first date, Miehles are known for their big
appetites.best james

I am looking at purchasing a V-50X #23609
Is there really a way to find out when it was manufactured.
If I purchase this beauty, I am sure I will get to know Briar Press page very well. I am looking at bringing in smaller diecut and score projects and even have a couple of projects which will require longer runs of 100,000 to 130,000. Hopefully I am looking forward to those because I will get to spend a lot of time watching and cleaning.

image: DSC00238.JPG


Serial number basics:
1922 to 1931, V-36, to serial #7342.
Late 1931 to March, 1940, V-45, ending with #11118.
Pre-war V-50 started with #11119, production suspended for most of the war, revised V-50 post war.

Model number denotes maximum top speed per hour for each model.

Serial #20,000 went to Pressman’s Home in 1956 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/53177163@N00/2531587552/sizes/l/in/photostr...), the V-50X model shown in printworks1 picture was introduced about 1966 and was developed primarily for the check printing industry for companies like Harland and Deluxe. These were made into the 1970s. I have never seen a comprehensive serial number list for the Miehle Vertical.


Mine is V-18586 and it was delivered to the previous owner on July 1, 1951


duplicate post—deleted

Not meaning to revive an old post, but would like to correct Mr. Bourland above—the pre-war Miehle’s were equipped with a single diaphragm pump and the post war machines were equipped with two vane pumps. The vane pumps are built by Conde (now part of Westmoor Ltd: http://www.westmoorltd.co/liquid-waste-pumps-and-systems/

The operators manual for the pump: http://www.westmoorltd.com/pdfs/pumpmanual.pdf

And most importantly—repair parts: http://www.westmoorltd.co/conde-dry-air-pumps-and-units-repair-kits/

The Vertical is certainly one of the more brilliant press designs out there, and worth having in the shop.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

Thanks Mike< I did have that bassakwards.
Well I broke off dating my V-36, and now dating
a Kelly A, she is a beauty at just under 4000 pounds.
best james