Heidelberg Cylinders and Photopolymer

Interested in hearing what folks are doing on this topic.

Plate types, base types, etc.

We currently have Windmills but are seriously looking at a KSB to add to our capabilities.

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Good to hear that someone is utilizing a cylinder press. Heidelbergs KSB is a good one as is the KS (bigger).

Using fairly deep 11 point, relief plates - magnetic, aluminum base, found several things. Assuming you are using tack 13 or higher for ink viscosity and at some point will be running a full form. I found that preplanning the size of the base of the plate, so that I could butt it against a 6 pt. at the gripper edge, kept the plates from moving pretty well. This called for several things to be planned for in advance, they are. Knowing where the base will clear the grippers on the lead edge. Having lead material that was type high, in order to put it on the saw and make it the proper height (below type high but high enough to but the plate base against. Allowing some 6 point and or 2 point spaces between the bases for minor movements.

As far as rollers, Oliver Tripp Co. in Braintree Mass, used to make rollers for me without the center crown on them (as they commonly would on all rollers). This allowed, along with a soft durometer of roller coating, to put an absolute minimum of kiss to the plate. Makes for fine printing setup, given the proper makeready and a good paper/design.

Also, when getting one of those jobs where the customer demands a deep impression (not unlike a soldiers dogtag), a thick or several sheets of very soft handmade (robbed from previous jobs or left over sheets) paper, right under the top sheet will do the trick nicely. Good luck! Not a foolproof thing to hold it still, but worked well for many years.