Gordon wheel direction noise

I have a Ben Franklin Gordon
I noticed something odd, when I start the rotation of the flywheel back towards me there is a noise that comes from I think the small wheel that has a dip in it that makes the front decorative grill move in and out. The noise is sort of a slight scrape noise. Kinda like when you scoot something across a concrete floor, BUT when the flywheel is rotated away from me the noise doesn’t occur. Not sure that the small depressed wheel is it, it may just be where the grill moves in and out on its hinge

I realize his is sort of a vague description but I’m not good at explaining mechanics

I need to get some oil and go over it I know
Any input would help on this noise


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The press will operate and print with the flywheel going either way
I was taught to spin the flywheel over the top and away from me. I was taught that there was a reason and that the press was made to spin that way. It made sense. I have long since forgotten the reason.
Yes, you really need to get some oil!!!!
I was also taught that you must oil the press each time before you use it. That may mean today, tomorrow and the next.
Also taught that if there isn’t some oil on the floor, you are not oiling it enough. Oil is cheap. Bend down and wipe some up.

If the flywheel is spinning away from the operator it usually creates less of a pinch point at the large bull gear on the opposite side of the press (which would be turning towards the operator).


On an old syle platen with curved spokes, the spokes indicate direction of rotation (assuming the flywheel hasn’t been flipped). The obtuse angle of the spokes as they meet the rim will push a hand away, but the acute angle will grab. Obtuse angles lead, acute angles trail.

The shape of the cam is such that if the top of the flywheel is rotating towards you there is a much greater strain on the press at the point that the platen rises. It also rises faster than when the press is running correctly which is: top of flywheel rotating away from you.

Thanks guys! I figured the spokes had a function other than beauty!

You know what they say…”different spokes for different folks”.
Oops…sorry…couldn’t help myself!