Plate Space

In the photo attached, I have two plates I recently purchased. The two comprise a story. The columns are laid out so they would be collated. Anyway, the spacing seems kinda wide between columns, is this for book binding purposes, or was it meant to be a margin to cut the two printed columns apart?

image: photo.jpg


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Cannot tell exactly how much space that is but if you think of a “reader’s spread” with a fold going through the middle with a top/side/bottom margin, it doesn’t seem odd. Often those margins can be quite wide.

Is the text sequential? Does the type flow from the bottom of one column to the top of the next or might this be a “printer’s spread”?

It is hard to tell the scale, but I would guess that the plate was made to print the inside of a 4-page folder, with title etc on the other side of the sheet. The space is the gutter margin.


Thank you!