Serial # or Info on Kluge 12x18

I have searched the internet for a few hours and I cannot find how to identify the age of our Kluge Letterpress. There is a Serial # on the feeder, but I cannot find one anywhere on the frame of the press. Where might it be that I am not seeing?

If there is not one, how do I tell the age of it?

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You should be able to find your serial # by closing the platen on your press and looking above the deliver table, by the oil holes. See attached picture and the red circle

image: Kluge-1.jpg


N124591 Is there anyway to decode it and figure out the year? Thanks girl with a kluge.

You can call kluge at (800) 826-7320 and ask for Kevin in the parts department and he can give you the answer. With out seeing a picture, I’m going to guess 1940-1950. Of course kluge will tell you to get rid of it because you can’t make it safe to operate.

Press runs great, as it should. As for Kluge telling us to get rid of it, never will happen. I will call Kevin tomorrow and see if he will come up with an answer.