mystery press

Does anyone know what kind of press this is?
The chase is larger than 8 x 12.


image: photo2.JPG


image: photo3.JPG


image: photo4.JPG


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here’s the side view

image: photo side.jpg

photo side.jpg

This appears to be an Official No. 6 Golding with a chase size of 8-1/4 x 12-1/2.

This appears to be an Official No. 6 Golding with a chase size of 8-1/4 x 12-1/2.

The springs on the roller rods are wrong for it to be a Golding. Looks more like a Sigwalt. Perhaps a European model?

Probably a German press, a Krause, a Hogenforst or other. Compare your press with the ones in the museum in Leipzig, Germany. Very similar. My own tabletop platen press resembles your press as well…

image: press-2.jpg


image: press-1.jpg


Thank you all!

I bought this press under the impression that it was a Sigwalt, but have since learned it is not.
It does look very much like the one in the photo, as well as other photos.
I find it interesting that it may be a German press, as it had paragraph in German locked up in the chase when I bought it.

I am curious about three things:

Does someone have a link to the museum in Leipzig?

Any other resources on these German presses?

Any tips on how to get a German press to print as beautifully as it was designed to print? I am assuming here that the German passion for precision and quality has found it’s way into the machine I possess. I want to make the most of it!

Thank you!


Here is the link:
and a screencapture from a platen press in their collection.

image: Picture 3.png

Picture 3.png

WOW! Thanks for posting that picture Thomas. I am absolutely AMAZED to see the adjustable impression lever. What a simple and clever idea. Now that I see it I wonder why no one ever picked up on that and provided it on other presses?


Thanks for the link!
The photo is interesting — that lever makes sense.


Here is the only marking I could find on the mystery press.
Does this mean anything to anyone?

Also, an image of the chase.



image: chase.JPG


image: close up marking.JPG

close up marking.JPG

image: wide marking.JPG

wide marking.JPG