printing on chipboard coasters

It seems most of the available blank coasters are made out of chipboard. I’m planning on printing on them with my wood type, but I do want somewhat of a de-bossed effect on them.

Are there 100% cotton blank coasters available? If not, would I be able to get any de-bossed effect (without damaging my type)? And finally, I was wondering if blind printing would work too (in this case the de-bossing needs to be quite clear for the word to be noticed.

I’ll be printing 3 letter words, in big type size (height will be 1.5” - 2”).


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Most coasters are not made of chipboard, but a much softer, absorbant material, and they take an impression quite well. I hardly think you need to go to a 100% cotton product for this use. I have printed these quite often from Ludlow composition, and it works very well.

I think some would question whether or not you should be using wood characters (if they are in decent shape) for this use. Getting a metal plate made from images proofed from the wood type would be my preference.

John Henry

Holyoke Paper makes a great coaster stock. Katz America’s is pretty good and comes in three weights.

Save your wood type from a deboss printing. Too many errors could happen to the type which would be hard for you to replace. John had the best solution.

Is it the texture of the wood type you want to print or the impression? If it’s the impression go with photopolymer. If it’s the texture then Kiss Print the coasters with the wood type.