Any Experience WIth Cheap Lasers???


I have read many posts on BP re: laser engraving their plates…all of them helpful.
However, I am wondering, there are a lot of low end, low cost engravers like the one pictured below, for sale by importers on ebay. Do you know anyone or yourself that has had any good results with them??….I know I know, you get what you pay for…however technology is becoming more affordable these days…

I do know that the Moshi Draw software is only good for B/W renderings, like that of the types of files you submit for polymer plates, so no gripe there, but I wonder about the overall quality, parts availability and other important things one would need to know.

These lasers run just under a thousand. Any help or links, OR personal experiences with these would be appreciated!!!!

image: Cheap Laser.jpg

Cheap Laser.jpg

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Good; cheap; easy. You can pick two and you don’t get the third.