ID please

Someone who can give me a hand, please, to identify this type.

image: Tipo 1.jpg

Tipo 1.jpg

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Times ?


It’s a condensed Stymie, but I have no idea what it might be known as in wood type.

Is there a manufacturer’s stamp on the A?

It is not Stymie, is similar but the numbers are different, also the letters q, &, $.

This is the style of the numbers

image: 7..jpg


This is probbaly not American in origin. The crossbar in the “7” is something that just wasn’t done on this side of the pond. It is basically a variation on Antique Extra Condensed with an upper serif on the A, curved leg on the K, etc.

It could be classified as an Egyptian because of the slab serifs.


It may be from this side of your pond but that 7 is european not british we dont cross our seven we call that a continental seven so its from mainland europe somewhere , i know no more !! At first glance i thought it was rockwell but i dont know what numbers in rockwell look like.

I tell them the fonts are almost surely made in argentina, country where I am. The sources used here are generally origin or European-inspired.


It does appear to be Stymie(-ish). The «K» looks like the alternate «K» in a Stymie Condensed (McGrew pp 296–299). Can’t find any American manufacturers that produced Stymie Condensed in wood type, though Joyce & Co an English manufacturer did (Series No 388). It is hard to tell exactly from your images, but the «7» in particular looks hand carved because of some of the visual discrepancies (and the poor surface finish), but can’t say with any certainty.

Do you know of any Argentinian manufacturers? I am only aware of Serra Hermanos & Cia. (Defensa 453, Buenos Aires) from a catalog produced in c1910. From the types shown in the specimen book it appears that they were resellers for Hamilton Mfg Co.