New guy has questions-please help-thanks

I have recently bought approx 5-6 drawers FULL of the lead printing letters from extremely small to about 1/2 inch in size… Im talking 1000’s and 1000’s of letters and numbers… I will ask my basic questions- Is there any value to the lead letters and numbers, I know the drawers are a few dollars as shadow boxes….. what are they actually made of lead/soft lead/zinc? Where can I sell if they are of value? Thanks very much for all and any help- please feel free to call me at 585-880-7130 - Matt

image: P1040003-1.JPG


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I think it all depends on what you have. Most used type is not worth a whole lot unless it is unique and not used too much. Can you post more close up pictures?

They are made of lead and you can sell them here on briarpress or ebay, but if you provided more information on your type then I could further advise. Use to find out what they are.

Lead, tin, and antimony in varying proportions depending on the casting process. Proofs of the designs, or close-up photos of the type, will help determine if they have any significant value. Otherwise they can be sold for scrap or for remelting as bullets. But if there are nice type faces they should be saved for printing.