Rollers + Ink Plate

I just bought a Craftsmen Superior and tried to ink up the rollers a few days ago and noticed the rollers only came up about 1/3 of the way up the ink plate. There was a spot in the middle of the plate that never got touched by the rollers. In addition, the rollers never got fully or evenly inked.

Is there some adjustment I can make to either the plate, rollers, or arm that would make the rollers travel further up the ink plate?

The photo below shows the rollers at the maximum distance up the ink plate.

image: IMGP8452.JPG


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You should first level the platen for a normal impression, which has been explained many times here. Your impression bolts appear to be VERY far in. That prevents the full travel of the rollers because the form is pressing back against the press, far beyond what it was designed to do..


Have a look at this photo.

The platen bolts should be set so that with a type high form locked up and standard packing you can pull the lever down and make an even impression with the circled points meeting metal to metal.

I would guess that your platen leveling bolts are adjusted out so far that these points are not meeting. When these hit - metal against metal - that is when the press has reached PRINT.


image: pilotview.jpg


Incredible! That did the trick. I had spent so much time adjusting the platen and didn’t even think about how it could effect the rollers.

Thank you!


Now remember- adjusting those platen bolts is for leveling the platen, not for trying to get more pressure out of it.

If you need more pressure you can add more packing.