Help with my Sigwalt Ideal


I live in the Chicago area and are needing some help repairing my Sigwalt Ideal #5 6x9. No matter what I do it does not print evenly. I’ve adjusted the bed, the packing, the rollers, everything I can possibly think of. I believe there is something off as one of the screws adjusting the bed broke, with half being stuck in the press still.

Does anyone know where I can go to get someone to repair it for me in the Chicago area? Or of any tips of how to make it print evenly.

Claire Harold

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You might want to take it up to Paul Aken at the Platen Press Museum in Zion, IL (along Lake Michigan just below the Wisconsin border). He should be listed in the Yellow Pages at this site. He can probably easily diagnose your problem for you.

An additional benefit of making such a trip is that you will probably be blown away by Paul’s collection of presses and everything letterpress. Call first to find a time when he will be there.