Mohawk Loop / Via / I-tone

I’m considering Mohawk Loop or Via (in the felt, linen, and antique vellum finishes.) Does anyone have thoughts/experiences/recommendations on letterpress on those papers?

Also, I probably need the paper short-grained for what I am doing, and this is only available in papers with the I-tone finish. The website isn’t all that specific on what the I-tone finish physically is, except that it’s to help laser printers print more efficiently. I have small samples and they don’t feel different from the non-tone versions but that isn’t exactly the most accurate way to assess it. Has anyone tried to letterpress on Itone papers? What was the result?

(Having long-grained parent sheets cut to the size I need short-grained would create a lot more wasted paper.)

Thanks so much!

Also, please see my terribly long “6000 cards in 12 weeks on a Vandercook” post if you have any experience in printing large quantities of greeting cards. I’d love your expertise!

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