The Art of Wood Type - Book CANNOT GET

Hello, I have recently viewed the book The Art of Wood Type by Gregory Ruffa from a out of town friend and I wanted to get a copy for myself - a wood type fan and for my students to see. I teach various levels of graphic design and am always seeking to combine older technologies with newer ones for teaching and artistic process. BUT I CANNOT GET THE BOOK. The email addresses bounce back, the contact form has an error and I can’t get the book. PLEASE HELP!

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Try Amazon:

You might put this on your list to Santa
and hope he finds that you’ve been a good boy all year, ‘cause he’s checkin’ his list twice!
Are you ready for this?
NEW: $223.74, USED: $99.85

I’m very happy to have bought this book when it came out.


I believe that the book is only available from Greg, the publisher. I have contacted him and advised him of your desire to obtain a copy. He may need more contact information.
Dave Greer

My apologies to anyone having problems with the web site.
It will be remedied promptly. To be sure you will get the book,
The Art of Wood Type, order directly from my dedicated email [email protected]. Please, when placing your order, state the shipping address and payment of $50 +$5 shipping (USA), Mexico & Canada $26, everywhere else
$29 International shipping. or write directly to me at
GRA Publishing, 111 Roosevelt Ave. Plainfield, NJ 07060. Orders placed within the Holiday season will receive a $10 (20%) discount until January 31, 2012.

Happy Holiday to You All !
Gregory Ruffa

Thank You Dave Greer. You can also read all about Dave and his vast collection, largest in the world, as well for metal
type. Many of the wood type historical details, personal stories from printers, collectors, artists & graphic designers.
More than 100 magnificent examples of wood type photos and drawings of each font. letter by letter, shown as a proof for every font. Ending with my dedication to Rob Roy Kelly.
His work in researching and preserving them started the interest in the wonders and beauty of wood type.

I’ll throw in my two-cents and tell everyone that this book is well worth the $55.00 directly from Greg. A truly inspirational and informative book for anyone at all enthusiastic about wood type.


Ditto. Fantastic book.

Hi Gregory,

I ordered your book through the website.

But when I email you for confirmation etc, your email address listed above (and on typophile) bounces. It doesn’t work!

If there continues to be a problem with ordering through the website (recently checked and appeared to be OK) you may place your order directly at my email -
There is one problem that continues, Shipping in the USA is $5 media mail. In Mexico and Canada it’s $26, everywhere else in the world $29. The cost will be somewhat absorbed by the 20% discount ($10) to all, until January 31, 2012.

NO! Don’t go to Amazon, they have the book at an outrageous price.

Gregory, the website also seems to be down.

Thanks Gregory,

We’re all square now. If you ever have the time or inclination, it sounds like you should migrate your site to a more stable server!

I’m looking forward to the book.

Thank you,

If you copy and paste Greg’s email into a new mail message and don’t use the link on this page, it seems to go through. I received my copy of this beautiful book last week. It is a work of art!


How long between ordering the book and receiving it? I’m waiting for mine, but fear it’s hung up in customs or something.

Admittedly, I’m obsessing too much!


Thank you for comment about Amazon. Alan.

Ordered it by email from Greg, paid through paypal, and had the book within a week. However, no customs were involved.

Hi Everyone, if Richard Mack’s effort to buy the book were reported again, I think his experience would be told quite differently.
Simply write my email:, you will have a prompt reply and the book will be yours promptly.
The book listed at Amazon is obviously an error. HIstorically, book sellers require at 50% discount or more, largely this is the reason I elected to sell directly. The book price would be increased for them to enjoy the markup. Amazon asks for 55%. Then I lose $3 per book. It’s business practice for them, but I am not able to survive with
that. I know, of course, I make it up on volume.

Greg Ruffa