Charcoal Grey Letterpress Stock


I was just wondering if anyone knows of somewhere where you can purchase a really nice charcoal grey letterpress stock, around 300-400 gsm?


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Papeterie St.-Armand has a beautiful handmade paper for a pretty reasonable cost: about $7/sheet (22”x30”) from NY Central Art Supply. It feels like 300gsm, though described as 250. If you’re using metal type, it needs to be printed damp.

Littoral Press

Thanks Lisa!

How well does this stock work with polymer plates? Do you know?

Hi Dana,
It prints great with polymer. It’s quite textured, which is part of the reason for the dampening recommendation; but the other part is that the surface of the paper is hard enough to damage metal type (but not polymer). So you may be able to print it dry if you’re using plates.

NY Central Art Supply also has some other nice grays, including:
Somerset Velvet 250gsm and 300gsm
Pescia 300gsm
Arturo 260gsm
Rives BFK 280gsm

Good luck.