First time VFD user with questions.

Hi All,

I’m hoping to get a few questions answer from those with more electrical experience than I have.

My press has recently been moved into a building with single phase power at 200V. The fusebox in the unit was fused at 50Amps.

My C&P motor is a 3 Phase 220V 3/4 HP motor.

I’m hoping to buy a 3/4hp Allen Bradley VFD to convert my single phase power to 3 phase for the motor as well as give me speed control while operating the press.

Will I have enough juice to run this? I know 50 Amps is quite small for a unit. If not, do I have any other options?


- Andrew

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It should be ok. Full load on a 3/4hp motor is probably around 3 amps, so should be plenty. Take a look at your motor specs. To make your motor more versatile, I say go with a Fuji/GE D7204 VFD which will take your standard single phase 110v and convert to a three phase 230v. That way you never have to worry about where to place your press as any electrical outlet will do.

I have a Dayton 1/2HP on a Fuji/GE D7203 VFD on my C&P and runs fine on a 20 amp circuit. I can even run that and my Vandercook at the same time with no problems on the same circuit.