Vandercooks anyone???

Hello fellow printers!!
For those of you who are interested in buying a Vandercook…I have good news! I just spoke with Norman at the Hicks Bros. in Frement CA. He’s getting two shipments in!! Not sure of the condition or price…but know that when that press is rolled out of their shop…it will be in perfect printing order! Awsome guys to deal with!! I got so many responces when I was thinking of selling MY Vandercook…I thought this might help those of you who are looking for these hard to came by presses!! Good Luck!! Here’s Normans number! 415.725.1670

Happy Printing!!

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Bring LOTS of money too : < )). At the rate that Vandy’s are shooting to the moon, a person could have a Heidelberg cylinder or, if space is an issue and a 12 1/2 x 19 print area is OK, a Miehle Vertical (or two or three….).

The Hicks Brothers can sell Vandercooks and Heidelbergs (any kind) and C&Ps, but there is unfortunately no market for Verticals, at least here in the Bay Area. They can’t even export them as they used to do with Heidelbergs.
Many of the Vandercooks they have sold are now used in schools teaching Book Arts. With Vandercooks the primary teaching tool for the last couple decades, is it any surprise that growing demand exceeds dwindling supply?