help to identify a letterpress machine

can anybody help me to identify this machine?
brand or another info?
I only know that this machine is motorized.

thank you for your help!


image: img-1.jpg


image: img-2.jpg


image: Foto0008.jpg


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At first glance it looked like a parallel impression platen, but not a Colt’s Armory. But then the platen seems to be hinged, which would make it a clamshell with an unusually heavy platen (and no adjustment for levelling). There does seem to be an adustment for impression on the left platen shaft. The inking disk within a square plate is unusual, but I think I’ve seen that somewhere else. Research needed.
Do the rollers really go beneath the form during impression, or were they removed for the first two pictures? That is also unusual.

If you look csarefully, it appears that there might be a rotating disk in the midle of the flat inking plate.


Those inkers do indeed disappear somewhere below ! Lokk at pic no 2 you can see the backs of the roller tension springs .!

the ink rollers go down when printing happens ( impression platen is closed) . you can see the holder arms position on the first pic.
the platen press area is bigger than A4, near A3 size.

I will see this press on monday, is for sale, but I want to know more about them before buying.
any idea for a brand?

thank you!

I think this press is european, I’m from portugal.
Here is very hard to find many brands of letterpress machines, like pearl, vandercook…. etc.. I looking for a proof press for years… nothing. it’s very very hard to find.

I only have an Adana hs2 I bought on ebay, but now I need a bigger press with more power to relief.

I’m searching on internet and I found an italian brand who build some graphic machines.
this company produced some similar machines, but it’s no easy to find more info about it.

But is not the same machine.

nobody knows more brands for letterpress machines, mainly in Europe.

image: pedalina.jpg

image: sdfhsdhd.jpg

image: 6773346345.jpg