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I don’t believe a rubber mat is required for deep impression printing if you are using a paper with adequate thickness. Rather you will want a very hard surface so that the image is pressed firmly into the paper stock.

John Henry

Rich, Do be careful when checking register that you never use the first sheet to check accuracy for some reason often the first sheet doesnt make the sidelay ! If you are using brass lays put a strip of peeledoff double sided tape on the right hand lay so as to give that lay a grippy surface and try that. When you have thick stock combined with an over packed platen the lays may struggle to move the sheet to the side lay the sideways movement can be restricted purely by the lack of clearances due to being overpacked and thick stock . A heidelberg rarely gives you grief in the up and down plane of the platen left to right is nomally the way you get frustrating problems ,Had it myself only the other day so dont be too dis heartened you will get the hang !