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Can you guys recommend letterpress workshops I can attend to? I live in Asia but I’m open to other places.

Thank you so much for your time. :)

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You might keep an eye on the “Workshops & events” listings here on Briar Press.

Good luck!



if you can not find
local classes or workshops

are their any small letterpress
job shops near where you live

ask if they will let you help
around the shop / apprentice

tell them you want to learn the craft

if they turn you down
try again a month or so later
try other shops

if you are living in the 3rd world
there are little mom and pop
letterpress shops that would not
mind a extra bit of cash

to have somebody
hang around and learn by doing

yours truly

Hello, Woyinaj, may I suggest that you consider attending one of my Letterpress courses in Australia, in the village of Rockley, near Bathurst. I am pleased to say that so far I’ve had students from all over Australia, which is a massive continent, and also from Malaysia. Everyone seems satisfied with their investment in time and money.
Please contact me through this BriarPress website. I do have an advert on the site, but can send all the information that you’ll require. Other readers of this post may recall my name, I’ve change it for the purposes of this website to “The Singing Flywheel” which more aptly represents my 2 great passions in life, after my family, that of letterpress printing and music. William Amer

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry it took awhile to reply back here. I had to put a pause on this dream of learning the craft first hand. But thank you for your responses. I did consider Australia as it’s the nearest country where I think courses are offered.

William, may i have your email address? I will send you a message so I’ll know more about your course. :)

Thanks again!


Hello, Woyinaj, nice to hear from you again. My email is [email protected] and web is well worth a read. You might like to click on Pressed Letters, above, to read some of the comments by satisfied students. To yourself and other readers thinking of having lessons, I suggest you apply soon, as classes start when Australia’s Winter ends, and bookings are being accepted.
Regards, William Amer, Rockley NSW

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Hi Sir,

Thank you for the reply. I will be sure to send you a message one of these days. :)