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have five pound cans of Flint ink that...8 Dec
Ahoy got my novice ticket in 1965...1 Dec
many years in offset shops now and...22 Nov
dear rtbyrd21 fix your press then...16 Nov
pretty much use what ever is...8 Nov
no no no nothing post 1949 if must...8 Nov
editeted was only repeating what...7 Nov
think it's a cool idea please let...7 Nov
for a few years worked for somebody...3 Nov
AHOY back like a bad penny not...25 Oct
Hello ok here goes am not...22 Oct
still know one or two printing brokers...22 Oct
hello you drill a hole into the...18 Oct
Hello don't worry ink in the can...16 Oct
also have the same thing but much...17 Jun
Hello have the same cutter moved it...12 Jun
Alan woohoo i never thought of...10 Jun
heating the area with a propane torch...8 Jun
from haul it away free to a nominal...27 May
my oh my we have been hit haven't...26 May
jogger heck when i apprenticed...5 Apr
two each side stacked bolted 2 by 4s...28 Mar
hello Jason book store is 4 miles...17 Mar
have the real deal in front window...15 Mar
interesting its good to support art15 Mar
prefer oil based inks as apprentice...9 Mar
Miehle Vertical18 Feb
yup its simply a key common as...8 Feb
ok just ordered a 3rd roller for the...28 Jan
thanks gang 28 Jan
Ahoy like HavenPress idea come by...25 Jan
Ahoy start saving for a cutter to...24 Jan
depends on the job but am fond of...22 Jan
Dick is right about closing the...19 Jan
have moved dozens of small offset...19 Jan
you do not need letterpress ink most...4 Jan
root around call local job...1 Jan
hello on my 8X12 new style only use...26 Dec
well new age do not want to spent...28 Nov
the job shop i apprenticed in there...8 Nov