Cotton paper/good prices…

I’m starting a business of letterpress wedding invitations and would like some recommendation on cotton papers (or similar) in good prices so I can keep operating costs low . Any suggestions?

Thanks!! :)

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If you’re looking for a great, go-to paper, Crane’s Lettra is the best and cheapest 100% cotton stock you’ll find. (best for most jobs)

If you are willing to buy 200 20x26 sheets (or larger) at a time, get it from They have free shipping for orders over $250.00, which will save you a lot.

If you’re not up for getting that much at one time, get it from

*EDIT - I’m assuming you’re in the U.S. (which is a bad assumption. Not sure about vendors elsewhere)

Savoy is very nice also.

Holyoke Fine Papers

I vote for Savoy, cheaper than Lettra and the 118lb is heaven to print on. when I switched over I never looked back

JHPapers - I’d love to know where Savoy is cheaper than Lettra?

Price will vary drastically between a paper merchant and a art store ,where you purchase stocks and the quantities you trade in will also make a difference as much as 40%+ , remember the further from its manufacturer the more times its shipped and they dont pay that you do .

Thank you all for this information!!! :)

If you’re in Canada try Coast Paper (soon to be Spicer’s Paper). They’re starting to carry both Lettra and Savoy on the floor. Contact their Cash and Carry Shipping costs can be a pain however. They also have sales on stock. You can get nice envelopes for $25 (for 500) etc.