Pilot Press Part

Does anyone know where to find the “impression screw” for a 6.5 x 10 pilot? It is the bolt (in the bottom right) that adjusts the platen?

Maybe my best bet is to go to a machine shop??

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Is this one of the four impression screws that you’re looking for? You might be able to go to a machine shop… just make sure to bring one of the other three for comparison. It has both left and right threads so it’s a bit more tricky to machine.


You might also try T&T Press Restoration:


thanks so much! will check those out.

Also, Dave Churchman in Indy, he is in the yellow pages on this site.

Emilee -

The bolts that hold the plate in place vary from model to model of the early or new series C&P Pilot as well as the clones. Best to remove one of the other bolts and get a good photo of it. I have some here, and will likely be having some new ones made. Follow dicharry’s link to my web site and see what I have there.

Having one bolt custom made could be quite expensive; having a full set made - especially by someone who has the specs already loaded in their computerized system (like the guy who made the ones I have here) - could save some money.

Also - the upper and lower bolts are of different lengths. Make a note of that and look to duplicate the bolt next to (not above or below) the bolt that needs replacement.

Send me a photo of your bolt and let’s see if we can match it with something we have on hand here - or can have made at a practical cost.

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