Excelsior 9x13 Just aquired where can I find more information on this

I just aquired this through a family member and do not know a lot about it. Any ideas as to where I can locate more details on this printer and its value? This is what I have from the markings:
Kelsey and Company
Meriden Conn.

image: ex 1.jpg

ex 1.jpg

image: ex 2.jpg

ex 2.jpg

image: ex 6.jpg

ex 6.jpg

image: ex 4.jpg

ex 4.jpg

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www.excelsiorpress.org , Alan has all the info and answers!

You are the printer, you have a press… someone will point this out, I might as well be the one.

Nicely sized press for a “table”-top, be careful and read threads on here about maximum printing area for a given chase-size.


Thanks to both.
I will look into the excelsior link about my press.

i had one when i was first starting out, i remember printing a flier that was 8-1/2 x 11 inches with a lot of type and a border around the edge, i was small then, i had to get a friend to help me get the impression handle down. its a good press but pretty big for a table top.

I just finished cleaning one up, oiling it and bolting it down to a work table.
Next are rollers, either for it or the Pearl #3