1. Is is okay to have different trucks?

2. How do I accurately check to see if they are the same diameter?

3. How do I adjust them if I need to?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

image: photo 1.jpg

photo 1.jpg

image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

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1.As long as they are the same size I would think you should be fine

2. Vernier caliper would be my guess.

3.You might get away with wrapping masking tape around them to achieve the same diameter as the others.

My best guesses right off the bat.

as long as the trucks on each roller match you should be all right. I run my c&p with the morgan adjustible trucks on the top 2 rollers and metal trucks on my third roller. You can use a gauge set to the morgan truck to see if they are the same size, if they are not the same size you tighten or loosen the nuts on the end of the trucks, this will raise the roller when you tighten or lower it if you loosen the nut, the metal trucks i always use electricians tape on them to pull the roller away from the type. I think NA Graphics sells replacement rubbers for the morgan trucks.

My preference would be to run the adjustable trucks on the lower rollers as they are last to pass the form before printing, and they can be best adjusted for precision. But any sequence would be fine if the match the roller diameters.

I agree with jhenry. The bottom roller needs to be adjusted perfectly. Even if the other rollers are slightly off and tend to wipe a bit of ink off the edges of the images, the bottom roller will fix the problem before the impression is made.

Dickg, sounds like you achieve the same thing by wrapping the bottom roller with electrician’s tape, so I can see where that would work fine, as well.