Chandler & Price New Style 8 x 12.

Hi There,
This is a request from across the pond concerning a Chandler & Price Treadle. C & P’s over here are not common and whilst I am very familiar with the Cropper, Arab and general “clam shell” presses I have never been involved with a C & P.
Now here’s the rub. This press was bought on eBay by a client, they decided to move themselves. They have partially dismantled the machine, the base is still in a cellar nearby. We have been asked to removed the base and deliver it to the client. That in itself is no problem, my problem lies in the fact that a 3rd party dismantled it, they didnt mark up the parts (but did shoot a video).
Firstly is there anyone with an exploded parts diagram and secondly some advice on reassembly.
I know it is never easy picking up the pieces of someone elses work but I would like to help the client out.
Reassembling is probably logical but when faced with a pile of parts that someone else dismantled and some weeks ago is a potential minefield.
So, any help, advice, pics and diagrams would be most helpful. Bear in mind we are press movers and are familiar with the concept, it is the details we would appreciate a leg up with.
thanks in advance,

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Boxcar Press has a nice PDF of a new series parts list and some drawings of the press assembled:

This would be a place to start anyway…

Thanks Bill.
I’ll take a look at that. I knew I could rely on Briar Press!

Reassembly is fairly logical with few parts that can go on wrong. The side arms should attach with the oil holes on top and you can probably see from wear which was right and left, though I don’t think it makes much difference. The back shaft that the side arms attach to can be put in upside down, making it difficult to attach the throwoff saddle to it correctly. A careful examination of the parts list diagrams should help you get it right. If the rocker lock was taken off, getting the spring attached to it back into place is hard work; there is a LOT of compression needed on that spring and it will shoot out at high velocity if you let go before getting the cotter pin back in…do not stand in the way. Lifting the bed up into position can be done by one person and a means to tie it upright, but it works better with two people. Similarly getting the platen back on and the the rocker boxes in place is best done as a two person operation. The thing I’ve had the most trouble with is replacing the cam roller and its stud back into the large gear and the threaded hole in the platen extension. Tolerances there are tight and it helps to have a second person on the flywheel making tiny adjustments in alignment. I’ve also found it useful to have a few blocks of wood to prop up the top of the bed while attaching it to the frame at the bottom; the holes for the shaft won’t line up if it is lying flat on the floor.

if you have a treadle it helps to have the pinion gear and bull gear lined up so the platen is open when the bend in the flywheel shaft is just past the top (in the direction of flywheel travel) to make it easier to start the press up, but it is not crucial. If you plan on using a motor, then this is completely irrelevant.

Otherwise it is a very straight forward process.

Thanks again. I’ll let you know how it goes…!

Just to report we found the pdf’s useful. The press was installed today upstairs. Started at 1030am. Finished at 330pm. Press installed successfully with the minimum of headscratching. Getting the main frame upstairs was hard work, reducing the weight helped. Reassembly was not too complex but putting someone elses pieces together was never going to be easy. Last time I agree to that one!. Pic to follow. Thanks to Arie and Bill for advice and tips. Briarpressers rock!

Good to hear, Jeremy. Having done one, you’ll find the next one is easier. You may now the the area’s expert on C&Ps.