Printers font/type?????

(sorry, might be dumb question!)
I was working on a project and it got me to thinking.. Did / Does printers have a signature font/type to use for there own advertising or signs…. Kinda like barber poles a sign of a barber… I guess I kinda mean in the old west or anytime? Just wondering.. Thanks!

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Typo Script or Brush, but not at the same time. But we are in the old Midwest

wow.. I did a search for those two fonts and it brought up alot of different types of the styles you mentioned… Does anyone have the ttf for these two styles (old school?)

Printers used the types they had available, probably more for letterheads than signage. As time went on and typographic fashions changed, their own advertising would change as well. Certain printers were known for their use of types, and some even had proprietary typefaces cast for them, so that their printed works would be forever connected with them. Refer to William Morris’s Kelmscott Press in Hammersmith outside of London, Richard Cobden-Sanderson and his Doves Press type (undoubtedly the most notorious), Charles Ricketts and his Vale Press, Lucien Pissarro and the Brook type, at his Eragny Press, Will Bradley and his innovative use of Caslon Old-Style, Frederic Goudy and his Village type, and on, and on, and on….

Printing history is filled with these stories, and the history of type and type-founders is a very fascinating and rich field of research.