Inking/platen problem

I’m using a C&P 8x12 treadle. Just started printing business cards four up. About 3/4’s of the two right hand cards (or about 1/3 of the printing area) are printing heavy. See photo attached. I checked roller height and readjusted base but still happening. Is my platen uneven?

image: P4061962.jpg


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I print on a proof press but:
If your rollers are set correctly then I’m guessing its most likely that the base isn’t locked up completely flat.
Do a test impression with no ink.
If the impression is uneven, then you’ve found your problem.
If the impression is completely even, then you know the inking is your problem.

Thank you danielheff. I was apprehensive adjusting the platen but it worked out and I printed some beautiful business cards.