Can you help with this prjuect?

Looking for funds to restore a Little Giant Press.

image: littlegiant.jpg


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You and me both brutha. Least your is inside already. Good luck and make sure to tell anyone who will listen about it. Glad to see it’s not on kick starter ;-)

So, did it finally make it to your shop? If so, I’d just sit and marvel at it for quite awhile…. while reading the manual over and over. So far as getting the bits to make it run (rollers, tympan, oil and “stuff”, well it’s one thing at a time.

Over the years I have restored a number of pieces of printing and related equipment. In regards to printing presses, it’s usually a complete tear down and rebuild to spec. But the idea, that an outside source would chuck me the funds to restore a press is foreign to me. I bought it, I use it, why would other pay for it’s rebuild.

Kickstarter is the worst group of people I have run across.

I spend two week doing what they asked, spent $100 to get special website etc.
And after all of that they told me this.

Restoring a printing press is NOT a project, printing a book using the restored press is a project.

So, everyone stay away from kickstarter, if a group of very rich kids with no cents.

I talked to a lawyer, he told be the word used by them “project” mean restoring a press is a project.

Really old school of me I know but if you can’t make it on your own, other folks’ money ain’t going to get you down the long road.


Have to rethink this. Well, trust fund bums, familiar support, have an in and if they stick with it, generally they are here to stay. They have to prove something to someone after all. Probably near something like 90% of the successful among us (give me a name). But, otherwise, likely not.


Gerald, at least this mode of funding is pretty straightforward: if you can make up a pretty website, or film (especially on Kickstarter) somebody will happily throw money at you. Rather a foreign idea to me, but what do I know?

Those willing to work the system are certainly going to be ahead of us who don’t, or choose not to. Which is right, I don’t know.

Good luck with the fundraising Aaron!

So, everyone stay away from kickstarter, if a group of very rich kids with no cents.

What you probably mean is that these rich kids have cents, but ‘no sense’…

You can see their point though. They want you to produce something that can be traded for the money that is raised. If you restore a press ( a worthy project) what can you give to the people that donate in return for their donations. So the want you to raise the money to restore the press and produce a printed image, i.e. a book, a poster, something to give back. Perhaps you could give free presstime to let them print their own images. I know this has been done before, perhaps they are trying to limit it.

I did make those types of offers to people donating. Like free press work, and free stationery etc. But, kickstarter said NO!