Where to find/buy Golding Pearl #11

Hi all,

I’ve been searching for a Golding Pearl #11 for a few months but haven’t come across any for sale. Are there auction websites or other avenues to search other than Craigslist and Briarpress? Thanks for any advice!


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Contact John at www.perennialdesigns.net he is an expert on these and has various presses to sell from time to time.

Not sure if this is a #11, but it looks similar and it’s a Pearl:


A few months ago John had one he was working on, so following up on Dennis’ suggestion might be good timing.

There is a PearlRestor group on Yahoo. Many pearl owners are on it. Perhaps its a good place to find one for sale.


I know how frustrating the search can be but don’t give up! I think it took almost two years but we finally brought a Pearl #11 home last weekend from NY and I can’t wait to get it reassembled in the studio. They are out there just be persistant!

For you New Yorkers WOW is your gas expensive but the highways are nice. Not like the roads here in NE Ohio.

Thanks everyone for your advice!