Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 part dimensions

I recently acquired a Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 model O press, unfortunately without an ink plate. I have access to a tool shop and am going to attempt to mill a new ink plate, however since the press came without one (not even a broken one) I am stuck without dimensions. The important measurements I am looking for are:
-the diameter of the plate
-the depth of the plate
-the depth of the “riser” (how far it sticks out)


image: kelsey ink plate diagram

kelsey ink plate diagram

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I can get you the measurements, but don’t have much time over the next few days.

Can you label your diagrams for the measurements you want? That would make things much simpler. (As a suggestion, I can also provide the tooth count and pitch for the cog on the underside.)

Feel free to contact me back-channel if you have any questions.

One of our friends recently machined a new ink disk from scratch. He first made a pattern of wood, tested it out, adjusted the teeth count and then machined it entirely out of a large piece of aluminum. It was a daunting task - but they were successful and the process is referenced in my blog at

But this was for an 1874 Cooks Enterprise, not something as common as a Kelsey Excelsior Model O. It would probably be best to borrow an ink disk and duplicate it directly from a working master.

There may be new Kelsey ink disks available some time later in the summer, but for now, they are hard to find.


Do you have any Kelsey ink disks in inventory?


While I can’t help you right now.
With a little luck I am shooting for the first part of 2014 to have replacement discs cast, machined and ready for work.



sounds promising -

please get in touch when you have some