Pin hole in mag die

I have a small pin hole in a mag die (a job that’s due tomorrow, yikes) Does anyone know of something I can plug it with? It’s in a solid area so it’s very obvious. The run is for 1500 sheets.

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You might try JB Weld, an epoxy filler/adhesive available at most hardware stores.

I use devcon plastic steel epoxy. After it dries it is easily scraped level with a razor blade.

Try glazing putty, used in auto body repair to cover small imperfections before painting. You can get it at an automotive paint store.

This is great! I thought I was doomed. I happen to have JB Weld in the shop here so i will give that a try first. Thanks for your suggestions.

Job done. JB Weld worked will but only after trial and error on how long to leave it on the die before it got hard. I was using a dark blue ink on a textured stock which helped hide the scar. Not sure if it would of worked with a light ink on smooth stock.
Thanks again.