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I timed my press (10x15) and it timed...31 Jan
The slowest my windmills go is 1500. I...30 Jan
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Check out the auto part stores for oil...18 Jan
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They are also called hangers. Here's a...5 Dec
With guides, the cheaters are used with...5 Dec
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I've never heard of this stuff. I...1 Sep
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Hey! Could you hand me that thingsmajig...25 Jun
It's hard to tell, but it appears your...20 Jun
Thanks for your replies. The shaft has...24 Jan
I was using a water miscible liquid for...23 Jan
Just an Atlantic, Made in Germany.14 Jan
Here's one from the Mergenthaler...31 Dec
If the machine was stalled in the...14 Dec
Sounds like an important piece of...8 Dec
Doesn't appear to be picas, inches...6 Dec
The holes in the honeycomb base I have...20 Oct
Skyline Type Foundry in Prescott...19 Oct
FYI - Crown Roll Leaf has a 300 dollar...30 Sep
Aaron!! It seems like you are spinning...12 Sep
A few years back, I used to mail 70 lbs...2 Aug
Are you using a rider roller?20 Jul
We call these 'wrap around books.' Very...16 Jul
What kind of paper will you be using?...11 Jul
Ramco Rollers hands down6 Jul
Wow! That's older than I am. These...2 May
It's been awhile since I've cleaned my...26 Apr
Mike Conway - have you run the model...29 Mar
Thanks jfitz, I spoke with Steven Finch...28 Mar
Every year for the past 20, I have...28 Mar
Hang in there Mick. This computer stuff...23 Mar
And don't forget to ......19 Feb
I can use a roll of foil 10" long x 200...6 Feb
I only know of one green spot. It's a...15 Sep