Starting a print shop in Athens, Ga.

Smokey Road Press is a new letterpress, binding and design shop in Athens, Georgia. We create limited edition prints and artists’ books with artists from across the country. You can find out more about our new prints and about Smokey Road Press by following the link below.

We are running a special through our Kickstarter page. For a limited time, prints by Libby Black, Shelly DiCello Ahern, Moon Jang, Ian Hagarty, Erika Adams and Kelli Sinner can be purchased for a significant discount!

Thanks for taking a look!

image: kellikickstarterweb.jpg


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How much will the Polymer Platemaker actually cost you in the end?

I realize you probably already know about silver film VS inkjet prints, but I was curious if you had considered this cost in relation to the cost of the platemaker itself.
Having said that- have you considered other needs for this piece of equipment, such as film negatives? What is your strategy or consideration for your imagesetter needs? Is there a local film service bureau you can use for them, or do you have plans to purchase/install an imagesetter?

I am somewhat of a technically proficient individual in this field, operate a platemaker that processes letterpress plates (A&V Stacked type) daily, and am not asking the question from an ignorant/unlearned standpoint- more of a leading question.

I also really really respect what you are doing, but I want to be aware of your goals/methodologies before I contribute. The outcome of the plates- speaking absolutely from experience- is only as good as the film they come from- so, where will you be getting your film from?