An operating Potter proof press

Does anyone have an operable Potter proof press?

May I get a look at it in operation?
I’m currently trying to repair one and buy another
Yet I’ve never seen one on working order.

Currently traveling between KC & Houston
Glad to take a detour.


Calvert Guthrie
Kansas City Center for the Ink & Paper Arts
816 803 1515

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Hi Calvert,

I am currently restoring a Potter No. 3 back into full operation. Its about 90% done at the moment. I am waiting on the feedboard, and some newly cast bronze parts to come back from being nickel plated. I am not in your travel route, but, I now understand the workings and should be able to answer any questions you may have. Here is the link to some pictures on my website.


Thanks, John,
Terrific documentation.

I will have more questions for you
so thanks for the offer.

Seeing a Potter in actual operation
will do the most good
so I am still watching for one
in working order.


You do incredible work. That Potter is going to be one heck of a press.

Who made the wooden feed boards? I’d like to have a new one made up for a press I have- not a Potter, but a Vandercook Universal III with some awful peeling veneer.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Seconded- this is beautiful and I absolutely am astounded by the amount of effort you are putting into this very worthwhile endeavor. Tip of the hat to you.

why spend so much time on the inking system, i’ve never seen anyink on any of your presses. nice wood type.

I agree with Dan — this is an awesome looking Potter Press. Never seen one looking this great. John Falstrom outdid himself again :-)