1963 Farley proofing press Restoration

I’m currently restoring a 1963 Farley Proofing press and need some info about the impression cylinder. It seems to be covered with a kind of vinyl which has some inconsitencies (bumps) under the surface. Does anyone know anything about this kind of press?

image: impression roller.JPG

impression roller.JPG

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probably needs recovering, are several companies in Uk who offer recovering services.

Thank you. I’m in Australia so is it possible for you tell me the names of the companies? I’m happy to send the cylinder to the UK as I don’t think there will be anyone locally.

g’day cobber-!-H F Rochat in Barnet uk, printers engineers would sort you out eg they recover my hand rollers and are restoring a vandercook soonish for example, but postage-wowee-Alan Nankiwell from your country posts here regularly might be worth contacting him(if he does not mind cos he seems to know so so much), cos surely there are printers engineers and cylinder repairers and roller re-coverers in ossie…for offset presses etc etc…..

HI, i have aquired a similar press to yours recentley but have no ink rollers with it is there any chance that you could send me the length and diameter of the two smaller ink rollers i haven’t a clue where i could find replacements ,any ideas?.
i know little about these presses but i am hoping to use mine for lino printing any help would be much appreciated i cannot seem to find much about these pressess on the internet i am based in the uk.thanks

Does anybody have any documentation for these presses?

I have one and am still figuring out the self inking process.
I’ve had new rollers made but not sure if the diameter is correct as I’m suffering from a ‘slur’ of the ink on the plates.
The rollers can be geared to the main cylinder so I presume the diameter is crucial.

I’m Manchester, UK for anyone nearby…

I have a Farley proofing press, mine has to be inked by hand but has grippers and adjustable height by calibrated drum, I also have 2 British Printer specification manuals which list farley models 1-25 yours looks like the 25 model in the book it says it has reciprocating inking cylinder, 2 forme rollers, adjustable gunmetal bearings, but it does not give dia. of rollers, other information is very basic like floor space, bed size, weight, etc. there are 2 pictures 1 in an advert for the machine, check out these patent nos. 784653 and 8039/59 on google quite interesting, it says there are drawings but my server came up not found , you may have better luck with yours as for your cylinder being plastic material mine is the same and has been for the last 40 years but still works ok, hope this helps, hope you get it up and running.

I am looking for information on the inking rollers for this press, does anyone have info on the stocks for the Farley 24?

A couple of things come to mind. First, raggiered’s “bumps” under the polymer surface of the impression cylinder are probably rust which has blistered up between the steel cylinder and its covering. This could be dealt with when the cylinder is recovered. Second, I would look for roller manufacturers which have been in business a long time, and see if they have the roller specs. I would venture to say that most printers don’t know the specs of the rollers they use, which requires that the roller manufacturers maintain extensive files of information on that subject. I’m sure Australia is no exception on this, and I’m fairly sure that there are, or were, more than one Farley press like yours, in your country. If even one roller manufacturer has recovered similar Farley rollers, they would have taken the opportunity to keep a copy of the roller specs for future use.