Vandercook SP15 Cylinder Timing


I have a Vandercook SP15 and it seems that the grippers on the cylinder are now lining up further away from the feed board. (see picture) I don’t know what is the normal alignment, but I swear they used to be closer together and now it’s about 1 3/8” between, is this typical?

I checked to make sure the cylinder is returning all of the way to the bumper springs. (see picture)

So, should I be adjusting the timing or is this fine?

I think to adjust it I would remove the stops (I think these are the pieces with three bolts, on my press, one stop is just above the Sears badge, is this correct?) and roll the cylinder down far enough that I can manually turn it (I think counterclockwise?) and then roll it back in place and reinstall the stops. Is this the right idea? And does anyone have any further tips about performing this operation? Or should I leave it alone?



image: Cylinder.jpg


image: BumperSpring.jpg


image: OneOfTheStops.jpg


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Maybe try posting your question here:

Very useful information there, and qualified help.

Does it perhaps just look weird because the packing is not on the cylinder?


Hi Michael, Thanks, that’s a good suggestion, I can also give that a try!

Hi DGM, I noticed the difference before I removed the packing, I just neglected to take a picture with packing/tympan. Thanks!

Try Vanderblog but also look at your cylinder check spring on the opposite side of the press. The spring may be missing or broken and may need replacing, which I stock.

OK, thank you, Fritz!