Heidelberg Platen More Lube Points

I’d like to share the results of bad maintenance and lack of oiling on what looks like an often overlooked set of four oil holes on the Heidelberg. On my new acquisition I’ve been battling the drive system. The variable speed pulley was detached and had been welded on the hub circumference (around where the grease nipple is - and the grease nipple flattened by an errand hammer blow). I did not want to put the pulley on the motor in that condition and looked for a replacement. Turns out it’s quite expensive, more than a new motor and a VFD together. I have not yet made the required decision. But the tilting motor platform was quite the mess with caked ink and the hand crank could only be turned for a small range, so I needed to tackle that. Turns out the two upper oil holes right under the platform, that lubricate the shaft into which the threaded long rod (that is attached to the crank handle), were not even visible - with the result the shaft was rusted solid to the motor brackets. The lower two oil holes that are supposed to lubricate where the whole motor and bracket assembly tilts on the shaft were similarly under used for decades. Dis-assembly required the use of my 5 pound sledge and some convincing blows.
Like someone else said: Oil is your friend!


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Better proverb being ,if it moves oil it !!! Where in the world are you and are you still in factory dimensions re the pulley , have a few in store in south of U.K.

Sorry for the long interval, had to take on a paying project to keep the bills at bay. Between that an a volunteer project I took on when things were slow sees me most evenings too tired to get to the ink ladies. I’m in Calgary, Alberta - which at the moment is going positively bonkers with the 100th Stampede, likely too far to ship something as heavy as the pulley.


You should be able to find second hand as there are many three phases converted to single and they pulley are not always suited .
If desperation strikes …