Hohner weight

I need to know the weight f a Hohner, free standing, not the tabletop model.
I have purchased one and need to know the weight in order to get a quote for shifting.
Can’t find the weight on the internet.
It is a solid machine and I believe it would prove considerably heavier than a Chandler and Price of similar platen size

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Information found in American Printing Equipment & Supply Co. Catalog:

Hohner 9 x 12 Alpha power Printing Press 675 lb
Hohner Model D 9 x 12 3/4 500 lb
Hohner 10x15 1360 lb

T & T Press

For their size, Hohners are probably the heaviest presses out there. Dave Churchman, myself and probably many others can attest to the fact that even the ‘table top’ models are unbelievably heavy. Be extremely careful in moving them around.


Thank you for the information
It is the 10x15 size, a solid beast.
Terri’s info confirmed what I thought but saying that it is between 600 to 700kgs to the carrier wouldn’t have been good enough.
I am actually re-buying a machine I owned a quarter of a century ago.but have to shift it over 200kms or 120 miles