Wood type printing blocks

Hello All, Does anyone know if i can use wood type printitng blocks on a Windmill Platen? And for the second question, if so then how thick must the wooden type be?

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As with all letterpress printing, it must be type high – .918”. You can do wood type on a Windmill, just don’t kill it on impression or you’ll shatter the type. Be gentle! That’s a general guideline for wood type anyway, regardless of press.

Pressure up till you get good image generally and tissue up the packing for anything that needs help ,dont just wind the impression up ! Wood type is ok on a heidelberg platen but remember that you may find you have to level up some letters from the back rather than conventionally beneath the packing in order that all letters ink decently , also remember that wood type of any age has dents and pits in the face ,this is part of the character of wooden type and no amount of packing or pressure will eradicate the white holes that you get in the print . it would be almost criminal to do so but if holes are not acceptable then they can be filled with wood filler and smoothed off ,re lacquered and then used .

you can

but note most large wood type was used

on flat bed presses