whats it worth?

I have recently received an Adana eight five letterpress with about twenty shadow boxes of type and another eight to ten boxes of larger type. Everything seems to move properly but needs a good cleaning and lubrication. I do not have the rollers nor would I know how to work it if I did. I would like to find out how much these items are worth if I decide not to keep it. Time to learn is an issue with me as I travel quite a bit for business. Any help would be appreciated.

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It’s worth what someone will pay you for it. Value is speculative in this case.

I believe you can still find rollers for it easily on ebay, so that solves that issue at least. The rest is marketing and selling and agreeing on a fair price for both parties- the seller and the buyer.

There are plenty of Adanas on eBay at any one time in the UK. Prices vary according to location, cleanliness of machine and price. A good clean press will raise around £200-£250 for the press alone. Rollers can be bought on eBay also for about £40 - £50. More if they are rubber. Most people are buying these as a starter press and having type and accessories to go with usually strengthens the price.
There is a good demand for them but price correctly as it will just sit. An advert on this site or britishletterpress.co.uk or printmaker.co.uk (If you’re UK based) will get the right sort of buyer.
I deal in printing equipment so the prices quoted are fairly accurate. Look up Adana 8 x 5 on eBay to check.

Thanks for the help Jeremy. From what I’ve seen so far, a little time spent to clean this one up and verify that it works properly will definitely make this a great starter press for the right person. With all of the print, extra chases, tools and parts I believe the right person could hit the ground running.

Can you message me when you post it for sale?