Lower saddles for C&P 10 x 15

I found someone who has the lower saddle assemblies (rod and springs and left and right saddle) for a C&P 12 x 18. I need them for a 10 x 15. Any chance that these rods and springs will fit the smaller machine? Thanks, Neil

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I could be wrong, but I don’t believe the parts are interchangeable.


Thanks Brad - anyone else?

@bigboy I tried contacting you before. I have 10x15 saddle rods and springs from an OS. My pictures are too big to post, send me your email and I will send you the pictures.

Do you need feed boards?

No feedboards needed and I just sent a note to you Girl and thanks so much. Neil

Sorry for reviving an old thread but I’m also looking for a lower saddle assembly on my 10x15 C&P OS. Girl w/ a Kluge or anyone else have a set they’re willing to let go? If you have an extra feed board in good/decent shape, I’m also interested.

I’m willing to pay for shipping. Message me an offer thanks!