C&P old Style questions

Hi folks. I just Acquired a C&P old style 8X12.
I sure would appreciate any help with the following:

1. Where are the serial numbers that help Identify when the press was made ect.? I did a search of the press and could not locate any, I also did a google search and got lots of info but nothing that could be of help with this.

2. Could anybody direct me to an online source/directions that would give me some general idea of how to properly motorize the press?


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The serial number should be on the bed in the upper left hand corner, behind where the chase locks in.

www.excelsiorpress.org , you might find what you need for motorizing.

Also, check out defelice engineering for a motor set up.

Here’s a chart to determine the year:


Does the press have a pulley on the right hand side mounted on the same main shaft as the flywheel? If so that is to be used. If not, you will have to run it with a belt off the flywheel. You will need a 1/4 HP motor for the 8x12, with an appropriate motor mount constructed in the back.
You can use a leather belt, (Tandy Leather is still in business) or even a automotive style V-belt of the proper diameter.
You will need an appropriate sized drive pulley mounted on the motor shaft to make the press run at a reasonable speed if you don’t have a variable speed motor.
You will want the press direction to have the flywheel rotating away from you, or counter clockwise if you are observing the the face of the wheel on the left side of the press.
I’m not aware of any online specific directions, but you can search the archives here as it has been discussed many times and I’m sure you’ll find help in addition to any info you get from this inquiry.

Here’s a pretty good one from Gary J. in Florida I remembered from a while back:


I cant thank you all enough!!!

Hi folks. Help needed again.
How do I calculate the size in length of a belt for my C&P 8X12
( Not a math wiz, I was an art major in college!)
Also what width would be appropriate.
I also would ask, should I be looking for a single or multi phase
motor It would be nice to have some control device by which I could regulate speed.
Thanks so much in advance

Measure the diameter of the motor pulley and the driven pulley on the press (flywheel?). Multiply the diameters each by 3.1416 and divide each result by 2 (assuming the belt goes half way around each). Add these two results together. Measure the center-to-center distance between the drive and driven pulleys and multiply by 2. Add these numbers together which will give you a very close approximation of the total circumference of the belt. If you don’t have any adjustment to the motor mount to compensate for a slight difference, you can measure between the drive and driven pulleys at the tangent of a straight line connecting the top and bottom surfaces of them (the straight section of the belt, but the result should be pretty close to the above unless the motor is very close to the driven pulley.

Or get a long tape measure, or a long piece of non-stretch string, and run it around the total path of the belt to measure the length directly.

Be sure you specify whether you want the length or circumference of the belt — many time the belt measurement is the stretched length of the complete belt.


That first paragraph is why we were art majors! I’d go with the string system!

Yeah, I was an art major too — 2-dimensional design. But I also have a few engineering genes so I think that way sometimes. Sorry!


String method it is, or rather hemp cord.
Thank you so much.
Now, another question.

Would a 1/3 HP motor work as well as the above mentioned 1/4
HP (my question mark key just stopped working)

Again, thanks so much!