score or cut stock first?

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I am questioning the way I have been cutting and scoring greeting cards. I am running a 10x15 windmill and usually score first using guides with a pre-printed score line, and then cut. I am wondering if I should be cutting and then scoring without guides? just wondering how other printers are doing this.


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We do a lot of scoring for our own jobs as well as scoring for other printers. We prefer to score pretty much anything after it is cut to final size, that way we are certain that it folds correctly and squarely. Most of our scoring is done without guides and has not been a problem. We also use a Windmill 10 x 15.


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Whilst i agree to the practice of above ,this ,is a good approach , leave a small amount of waste at the headlay then the rule wont fall short of the job dimension but as the man j fitz says you get to be able to check the job is perfect at your end of the process and dont have to rely on the ability of the guilllotine operation , which as we all know is often hit and miss when the crease bulk causes difficulty at the final trim on the foredge .

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this is exactly what I need to hear as I have had problems before on the cutter. I’m going to trim & score without guides on the next batch.

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I always do my scoring on the windmill with guides, the sides of the sheet cut to final size, so I am able to check if the cards close perfectly. I cut the top and bottom margins after scoring, this way I can use the regular brass guides.

And another detail: print a folding card upside down, that way the front side is perfectly in register with the scoring line, most of the time the windmill is more accurate than the guillotine.


Heidelberg creasing,
I can crease the complete card with brass guides using matrix. Check my Youtube vids “937die”

I do that very often except use the nickle guides with the matrix and scoring rule actually extending below the edge of the platen. That’s when I have to score a final size job.