Glueing onto a card

Hi! I have a client who wants to glue a photo onto a letterpressed card. She wants to do a square flood area and glue the photo on top of that. What should we use - I think spray mount will not hold. Is there a double sided tape material that will be better? Thanks for any pointers!

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It’s a little crafty, but the Xyron machine works pretty well for this.

I use double-sided tape mounts that are available at any photo store. If you use glue the drying action can deform the paper, and depending what kind of paper the photo is on may not stick very well.


You can get double sided sticky tape on a roll at a craft store. They make a re-positionable one and a permanent one. Also Glue dots work great!

Scotch ATG!

I agree with Widmark. Scotch ATG works wonders. The glue dots also work, but do not seal the edges like ATG tape. I purchased the glue dots at the 99 cents only store. A great bargain. ATG guns run pretty high, so if you’re looking for one, go to Joann’s or Michael’s. You’d be able to use their 40% or 50% off coupon to get a price discount.