Moving Vandercook rubber rollers

I’ve recently purchased a Vandercook and am about to embark on a cross-country move.

I’ve got everything sorted except what to do with the rubber rollers. I’ve got 5 of them, 2 in place on the press now and 3 in good condition.

Can I leave them in the press when I move them? Does anyone have a good packing solution so they won’t be damaged in transit? (I’ve got some movers helping me with this, so I’m trying to get the most full-proof solution here).


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Safest thing would be to make wooden shipping boxes, and suspend them by the cores. You never know what can happen in a moving truck…

Many roller makers today just wrap the rollers in barrier paper, then bubble wrap and put them in a box. The wooden shipping crates might be needed for composition rollers, but not rubber. Used rollers would not need the barrier paper.
Don’t leave anything loose on the press. Remove the form rollers, the side guide, head and tail bars, even drawers if there are any. Anything that vibrates loose or is damaged during the move will be expensive to replace. Take all the loose stuff yourself.