Double sides business card

Hi Guys, I try to practice on my Windmill.
I’m making my own double sides business card. Do you have any tips of how to register the plate when you want to print on another side?


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the easiest way for you would be to cut to a 4 up size. (2 across and 2 down with 1/8in-1/4in gutter in between,,both axis…. and 1/4 in -1/2 in border around)….cut these sheets to exact same size up/down,,,left/right… then any side can be used for guide or grip at anytime you should able to hold satisfactory register..

To save a bit of time you can pick one edge as the guide edge and just make sure that dimension of the cut is exact exact. It is pretty well necessary I find to make that cut twice to get it dead even (and cut in small piles with a sharp blade) which takes lots of time.

If you make the print dead centre in between the two edges used at the side guide, you can register the back in the exact same place and orientation as the front without a problem.

Thanks guys for sharing your tips.
I’ll give it a try soon and let you know :)