Any printers in the Holliston, MA area?

Hello everyone -

After a couple of years of stalking this board, it’s about time I introduce myself. I’m Erica, and I own a stationery company - primarily focused on weddings. After 2 years of research, study (and learning from this board!) I finally decided to take the plunge and purchased my first press - a C&P 8x12 New Style which I got from John at Letterpress Things back in May.

Of course, presses are like people - each is individual, and comes with their own set of quirks and issues. I’ve been able to troubleshoot quite a bit thanks to the information I’ve learned here, other sites online (thank you Ladies of Letterpress!), chatting with a letterpress friend in GA, textbooks, and YouTube videos (surprisingly invaluable). However, I’m having some inking issues and I’m at a point where I’ve tried everything, and I’m stuck.

Rollers are new out of the box and look sound (but what do I know?), trucks look good (but I’ve ordered a new set of Delrin, just in case), replaced the (ungodly) amount of tape on the rails, impression is great, lockup looks good (but again - what do I know?)…. And therein lies the problem - I can only get so far with advice/photos/textbooks/videos - so I thought I’d post here to reach out for help.

Are there any printers in the Holliston, MA area who might be willing to hang out with me for a couple hours and do a bit of mentoring? I would be very, very grateful. Right now I’m convinced it’s not the press - it’s me. But I could be wrong (I am, often).

Please let me know, and thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post!

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Your timing could be better - I lived in Holliston for over 20 years before moving to Fort Collins CO last year. Really miss the proximity to John’s shop in Chicopee.

email me at: bill(at), and I’ll put you in contact with some printers in Bellingham and Marlborough. Oh, and you might want to hang out at the Printing Museum in North Andover, it’s only about an hour away.

Thanks so much, Bill - emailing you now!

i’m not as experienced as Bill, but i’ve been running job presses for 51 years. i am in Hanson, MA if you want we could chat on the phone, i think we can get you going, 1-781-294-2157, my name is Dick, i’d be willing to come to you or have you come here.

Hi Dick - thanks so much for your reply! When is a good time to call? I’m still stuck in a corporate job during the day, but home in the evenings. Let me know what works for you!

@dickg - I will happily defer to your more extensive experience. 8)

i’m retired, i moved my shop to my house and still operate from the garage, any time day or night works, but not too late, i’m old and go to bed early.

@dickg - completely understand! I’ll give you a call tonight - thanks again!

Dick, is that 51 in dog years?

James, i thought you were going to give me the day off??

Hi Dick - I tried calling the number, but it was out of service?

maybe i should proofread my posts, my number is 1-781-293-2157, try that one.

I am just seeing your post now. Welcome to the World of Letterpress. Remember, The Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA is open on Saturdays, Check out our webstie, We are having a big day of letterpress workshops on November 24-check out the website!

@NancyT - thanks for the info!

I just wanted to update this post, in case anyone was curious: I solved my inking issues finally. It was an issue with my Boxcar base being too high for my press’s bed. I know, that sounds crazy - which is why for six months I didn’t even consider the possibility. But adding some tape to the back of a set of roller bearers did the trick. Even inking + perfect impression = one happy gal. I’m not sure if I was shipped a higher base by mistake, or if my press is just peculiar, but I’m not complaining!

Rong base provided to me also.
Normal base has black/gray grid
Deep relief base has red grid.
The normal base is the higher one. The deep relief plate is the higher plate.
Proper base plus proper plate (either one) equals .918

You are learning to be a good printer. Analyze, improvise, get printing. Good work.