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It looks like Goudy Oldstyle with Swash...16 Feb
It looks like Goudy Oldstyle with Swash...16 Feb
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I would wipe them off with type wash on...2 Feb
So many variables. Setting a per hour...29 Jan
I really think you can save the...10 Nov
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The thins are called hair space. The...5 Jun
Dynamite will work, in large...2 Apr
Keyboard cams require very little oil....1 May
Geoffrey, that repro stock was called...23 Apr
Bunch of old hands aren't there? Old...28 Aug
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Well, ding my jacket!!------NOT!! 7 Jul
Hate to admit it but a few years...17 May
DickG: Can you get a double-black on a...16 May
Rome, Georgia; Florence, Alabama; or...30 Apr
Fifty years ago, there were tons of...26 Mar
Actually, on the linotype, the @ sign...24 Mar
Winking cat, are you kin to dickg.?7 Feb
Are you blowing a lot of air between...19 Dec
dickg is right. I prefer to print...4 Nov
I second that motion! 10 Sep
Dick, is that 51 in dog years?29 Aug
My old '47 windmill does not have that...23 Aug
If the craftsman is set up to register...19 Jul
That is the term that is used when...18 May
Dick, can right-handed individual use...2 Aug
I agree with the other comments. Where...27 Jul
I would love to have one of those goose...17 May
We call it a line gauge. Not only...29 Mar
Those elektrons were "pretty"! When...23 Feb
There is a lot less to go wrong with a...15 Aug
I agree with dickg about the kluge. I...27 Jul
I have to speak out in defense of my...21 Aug
There is just a comfortable feeling...3 Jun
The comments I have read on this...11 Mar
There is not a right or a wrong answer...8 Feb
You would think that "Gerald" makes his...15 Nov
I really do appreciate the suggestions...9 Sep